IMG_6599-EditEmily Sang, CPA & Associates provide individual and business tax returns, IRS representation, tax and financial planning, business advisory services, and bookkeeping services in Southern California.  In addition, Emily and her team work with a network of trusted strategic partnerships, including advertising media, independent brokerage firms, information technology, etc. who are qualified in their fields of expertise to provide full business services for clients to accomplish their vision and goals.

Emily earned her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Brigham Young University and Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Utah State University with 3.95 GPA.  She obtained her license as a Certified Public Accountant in 1999.  Emily worked for one of the Big 4 public accounting firms and a regional accounting firm for a number of years.  Emily has practice in following fields, medical, legal, real estate, and retail industry.  She has helped hundreds of clients with tax preparation and planning, financial planning, trust accounting, general bookkeeping and tax preparation for domestic and foreign nationals.  Her objective is to provide value-added service that improves efficiency and maximize cash flows through effective tax and investment strategies.

Emily decided to create her own firm eight years ago, realizing a dream she has had for some time to revolutionize how an accounting and tax practice should be run.  She has always felt that giving clients personal attention and understanding clients’ needs are essential element of creating a circle of financial success for clients.  A circle of financial success means maximizing financial performance and fulfilling financial goals and dreams for clients.   Emily Sang, CPA & Associates focus on creating customized solutions based on individual’s needs and objectives.  In addition, the firm is made up of qualified individuals who love to educate clients with plain English in the subject of finance and taxation so clients may feel empowered to make better choices.

Emily and her team offers free initial consultation for potential clients.  Unlike other firms, Emily Sang, CPA and Associates does not like “meter ticking” for tax and accounting consulting and discussion, so all email, telephone and other correspondence regarding the project are not separately billed.  Client knows what they are paying and can budget accordingly.  On new projects the firm may quote an hourly fee for open ended tax and accounting consulting until it is familiar with the work involved, and later will propose a set fee for each time services for that particular project are provided in the future.  Clients can count on her and her team to provide professional and cost effective solutions.